New Building Services:


Construction Supervision / Inspection / Quality Control

  1. On-site approval of production and detail drawings.

  2. Inspection at Shipyard and at sub-contractors of main engine, generators etc.

  3. Supervision during hull assembly, outfitting, application of internal and external coatings, machinery installation etc.

  4. Continuous assessment of progress to ensure construction schedules are maintained and delivery dates met.

  5. Participation in technical meetings and liaison with Classification and Regulatory Bodies.

  6. Evaluation of credit/extra cost items and exercising cost control.

  7. Review and approval of all final tests of hull, machinery and working systems prior to the vessel's delivery.

Delivery & Acceptance

  1. Attendance at sea trials for final acceptance of the vessel.

  2. Delivery, acceptance and commissioning of the vessel.

  3. Final assessment of "in service" performance during guarantee period.

  4. Handling and settling of Guarantee Claims.

Through exercising systematic controls at every stage of construction we aim to ensure that the vessels are constructed in accordance with the contract to the highest possible standards and that they perform both efficiently and cost effectively.

The construction team will follow up all details to ensure that the final delivered vessel complies with specifications and Client requirements.

Our Services are offered on a transparent "at cost" budget planning arrangement plus a management fee to cover our project management and administration costs and an element of profit for our efforts.

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